Understanding Double Chance Betting

For sports betting enthusiasts, it’s common knowledge that besides betting on one team’s victory, there’s also the opportunity to place a double chance bet. This type of bet is often provided in matches where the teams are roughly equally matched. Betting on a double chance could provide a safeguard against losing and potentially bring profits. So, what is double chance, and what does it mean in betting? We’ll discuss this thoroughly.

Defining Double Chance

Double chance is a distinct type of wager that involves betting on two outcomes simultaneously. Suppose there’s a match between two formidable teams, and you’re unsure who to back. In that scenario, a double chance bet could be a sensible choice.

The primary forms of such bets are:

  1. 1X – The first team wins or draws.
  2. 2X – The second team wins or draws.
  3. 12 – Either the first or second team wins.

One main advantage of this bet type is its safety; the bettor essentially safeguards their stake. The sole risk lies in the possibility of a draw, which could result in loss of funds.

A downside to this bet type is the relatively low odds. As the bet simultaneously covers two outcomes, the odds are averaged between the two options. For example, if the odds for the first team winning are 2 and a draw is 1.5, then the 1X outcome will be calculated at odds of 1.75.

Pros and Cons of Double Chance

This bet type has numerous benefits, such as:

  1. A significant decrease in the risk of losing.
  2. Bookmakers usually place a minimal margin on these bets.
  3. These wagers are perfect for the Ladder strategy.

However, there are disadvantages:

  1. Relatively low odds, which reduce potential winnings.
  2. Thorough analysis is necessary to decide whether the bet is worth placing.

Despite these, the system doesn’t differ greatly from similar offers. Thus, one can either utilize their own betting strategy or study the double chance in depth to leverage this method’s potential.

When to Bet on Double Chance

There are certain scenarios when it’s beneficial for bettors to opt for a double chance. These situations arise when:

  1. The first team is the favorite. In this case, a 1x bet serves as insurance.
  2. The second team is the favorite. A 2x bet helps hedge the stakes.
  3. Teams are evenly matched. A 12 double chance bet would be a good option.
  4. The favorite team is in a slump, in which case a double chance bet on the underdog, who would have relatively high odds, might be suitable.

However, it’s worth noting that in the first three scenarios, the odds for this type of bet will be as low as possible, if they exist at all.

Classic and Combined Bets

So far, we’ve discussed classic bets, which involve choosing a double outcome for a win or a draw. However, this isn’t the full picture. Additional combined bets are also available. These might include outcomes such as:

  1. Double outcome and a goal from a team.
  2. Double outcome and both teams score.
  3. Double chance and total.

The variety of combinations depends on the breadth of options a particular bookmaker provides.

Where Does Double Chance Apply?

Double chance bets can be placed in sports and matches where a draw is possible. The most popular sports for this are football and hockey, but such bets can also be found in basketball, handball, water polo, chess, beach soccer, among others.

Odds and market variations, including bet combinations, can significantly vary based on the importance of the match and the tournament it belongs to.

Double Chance Betting Strategies

Experienced players rarely use this bet due to its low odds. As such, there isn’t a specific game strategy. However, some classic strategies can be implemented, including:

  1. Ladder. A beginner-friendly strategy that involves a steady increase in the bet by the amount of winnings.
  2. Bet 12 on football. A popular strategy that combines bets to implement other possible strategies.

Using double chance comes with several benefits and drawbacks. Thus, it’s essential to consider all aspects and apply strategies for such bets wisely.

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