7 Tiong Bahru Fish Ball Original

Surimi Fishcake (Each)

As recommended by Miss Tam Chiak!
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Founded by Mr Loh since 1962, Tiong Bahru Fishball has been bringing joy to generations of families who kept coming back for their fishcakes and fishballs! The secret is none other than the usage of the freshest Wolf Herring fish (more commonly known in Singapore as Ikan Parang or "Sai Tor Her")! Being a staunch Teochew, Mr Loh insists that making the best fish balls require sheer dedication and commitment from the choosing of the freshest Ikan Parang to the mincing of it. Mr Loh's fish are minced and pounded with care until the protein strands have unraveled to give it a soft, springy texture. Albeit following a well-guarded traditional family recipe, we can openly divulge that little salt and seasoning are added to bring out the true flavour. The end product is not only an unadulterated fish cake made of almost 100% fish meat but also one of good nutritional value since ZERO flour is added in the process.
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