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Seafood Bundle 1

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Bundle comes with FREE styrofoam  box! 

This bundle consists of: 

  • 120g Sua Lor Prawn Paste
  • 500g Frozen Korea Clams
  • 270g Half-Shell Scallops with Garlic & Vermicelli (6pcs_
  • 200g Salmon Meat/Tail Fillet
  • 350g-400g Batang Steak/Fillet 
  • 500g Grey Prawns (16 to 25pcs)

Please indicate in your delivery comment during check out if you prefer steak or fillet cut for the Batang. If not specified, steak cut will be the default.


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Founded in 1990, 81 Sheng Yu has been bringing customers a wide selection of fresh catches and quality seafood from the region for over 29 years. 81 Sheng Yu is also well-known for their Facebook live streams where their freshest catches of the day are always snatched up in no time.

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