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Surprising Sweet Potato & Carrot Greek Style Yoghurt (100g)

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Yoghurt and vegetables come together at last in this smooth blend that’s 33% vegetables and 100% delicious. Our Greek style yoghurt – made from calcium-rich organic whole milk – has a wonderful creaminess and subtle tang which is complemented by nourishing sweet potato and earthy carrots. Crisp apple and mellow banana add a subtle sweetness. A delightfully smooth and creamy blend, Creamy sweet potato, earthy carrot and tangy yoghurt create layers of flavours, Subtly sweet and tangy

Ingredients: Organic Greek Style Yoghurt (40%), Organic Sweet Potatoes (17%), Organic Carrots (16%), Organic Apples (16%), Organic Bananas (9%), Organic Quinoa (2%), Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (<0.1%)

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