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Free Range Chicken with Mediterranean Vegetables (130g)


INGREDIENTS 20% Organic Free Range Chicken 14% Organic Pasta (gluten) 13% Organic Vegetable Stock 10% Organic Courgette 10% Organic Tomato 10% Organic Aubergine 10% Organic Pumpkin 5% Organic Onions 5% Organic Red Pepper 2% Organic Sun-Dried Tomato 1% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil <0.1% Organic Rosemary

Allergy Advice: Contains: Gluten

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Our delicious chicken with Mediterranean vegetables and soft pieces of orzo pasta has been carefully recreated for your baby using only the best ingredients and has the perfect fork-mashed texture. With fresh Mediterranean vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and real stock with no added water, this meal tastes and smells as good as homemade. Because we believe in babies getting the best nutrition, we’ve used double the amount of chicken than other brands, making this recipe naturally high in protein. We use 20% organic, free-range and British chicken which means it adheres to the highest welfare standards. Sourced from a handful of British farmers, our chickens are full of flavour.

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