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Luffa Ridge Gourd (~2pcs/600g)


Did you know?

At the wet market, it is common for the vendor to "trim" the luffa ridge gourd if it is too long, to prevent it from breaking unevenly after it is placed in the bag. There may be a marginal difference of ±10% in the product weight. Photos are for illustration purposes only.

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Chia’s Vegetables Supply is a passion project passed down three generations. Before they even got their name, they were a small stall run by Grandpa, selling just sweet potato and tapioca at the Old Tekka Market. Fast forward 39 years, they’re helmed by Grandson Victor and bring Singapore a remarkable range of fresh quality veggies from all over the world – from Asian greens like kailan and chye sim to imported varieties such as New Zealand purple carrots, Australian fennel bulbs, Belgian endives and many others we’ve never even heard of before. Because of Victor's wide product variety and determination in bringing only the best produce to customers, Chia's Vegetables Supply is also TADA Fresh Market's exclusive vegetables supplier.

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