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The iconic kopi sock. You've probably seen this hanging on the walls of your favourite coffee stall and may have even wondered how it'd be like working behind the counter. Well, stop wondering and start brewing with these coffee socks!

These socks are easy to use and makes brewing a large batch (up to 5 cups) easy. Clean up is easy as well - just rinse, wring, and hang to dry.  Furthermore, its re-usability makes it not only friendly to the environment, but to your wallets as well!

Regardless of whether you decide to brew kopi or coffee, this coffee sock will filter out the grinds perfectly, leaving you with a clean tasting cup of coffee! 

*The sock measures approximately 11.5cm in diameter and 23cm long.


Brewing with the kopi sock is actually very simple – just immerse your kopi grounds in water, stir, and pour through the kopi sock to strain it! For more details on exactly HOW to use a kopi sock, go to: https://yongsengcoffee.com/blogs/coffee-chats/how-to-brew-kopi-sock

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Yong Seng Coffee was founded by Mr Tay Yiong Theng, who started his career in the coffee industry when he was 13, as a coffee stall assistant. Though he was only in charge of taking orders and delivering drinks to customers, Mr Tay displayed a keen interest in how coffee was roasted and brewed. Recognising this, the stall owner gave him the opportunity to learn the art of Nanyang coffee roasting after a few years working at the coffee stall. With the blessings of his former employer, Mr Tay started roasting and selling his own coffee in 1960. He would sell coffee in the morning, then hand roast his coffee in the afternoon. Back then, coffee was roasted in a wok over wood fire and extra care must be taken to control the fire. Through trying times, rain and shine, Mr Tay persevered, determined to provide his customers with affordable, quality coffee. He eventually formally incorporated his business in 1974. Fast forward to present times, though Mr Tay has left the operations of the business to his next generations, he still makes it a point to go down to the Tiong Bahru Market stall to say hello to old and new customers alike. Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, his son and grandson Marcus strive to carry on the legacy of Mr Tay, and take it to greater heights.
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