Try These Yummy Ways to Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

Try These Yummy Ways to Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

Can you count the number of ways to cook eggs? These protein-rich foods are small yet mighty when it comes to whipping up a breakfast dish on its own, or when used in recipes.

Stretch your culinary skills and go beyond making scrambled eggs, sunny side-ups and omelettes! Some of these meal ideas are great for folks on the keto diet too.

TADA Fresh Market has rounded up some egg-cellent recipes to help you fuel up the kids and adults with a nutritious diet. Go forth and break some eggs!

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From sauces to breakfast and beyond with eggs!

Cloud Eggs

Originating from France, Cloud Eggs are also known as “snow eggs” thanks to their fluffy marshmallow look. All you need is just 2 ingredients: eggs and parmesan. Add salt and pepper, if preferred.

Click here for the Cloud Egg recipe

The Anything-Goes Frittatas

Frittatas, also known as egg muffins, are super easy and a brilliant way to clear out your fridge too! Simply bake or cook over a stove. Start by beating eggs, adding some fresh milk if you like along with any meat, veggies, mushrooms, herbs or cheese to turn it into a one-dish wonder. Perfect busy breakfast idea and equally wholesome as snack box treats too!

Click here for the Baked Egg Frittatas recipe

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Do you have 2 minutes? With some simple ingredients, making your own mayonnaise is so easy. Don’t have lemon and garlic at home? Just order the ingredients from TADA Fresh Market and we will pick up your orders from the wet markets – Pasar 216 Bedok, Tiong Bahru Market or Tekka Market – and send to you!

Click here for the Homemade Mayonnaise recipe

Eggs Benedict

Recreate those big breakfast or brunch meals from the cafes in Singapore, and tuck into your own eggs benedict! You can also make the hollandaise sauce from scratch using – you guessed it – egg yolk! Some ingredients you need: Mustard, paprika, heavy cream, Cayenne pepper, lemon, parsley or chives. Order spices online and have your grocery delivery sent to your doorstep!

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Baked Scotch Eggs

Hailing from England, the original scotch eggs were wrapped in fish meat instead of the modern twist of using sausage meat. They are great for picnics and are yummy whether hot or cold. Get those breadcrumbs, plain flour and mixed herbs and you are ready to serve this up!

Click here for the Baked Scotch Eggs recipe


Asian egg recipes to try!

Kau Kee (Wolfberry Leaves) Egg Drop Soup

Kau Kee are leaves from the Goji berry plants and along with minced pork or minced chicken, wolfberries and homemade chicken stock using fresh Kampong chicken. This deliciously comforting soup makes a nutritious one-pot family dinner.

Click here for the Kau Kee (Wolfberry Leaves) Egg Drop Soup recipe

Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs

The whiff of herbal fragrance from these Chinese tea leaf eggs (茶叶蛋) are often from the neighbourhood medical halls or at the night markets in Taiwan. How about enjoying some of those brown boiled eggs in the comfort of your home while binge-watching Netflix?

Click here for the Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs recipe

Japanese Chawanmushi

This silky soft steamed egg is a popular side dish at the Japanese restaurants. The magic Japanese ingredients are mirin, dashi and sake. Did you know about that cooking hack to achieving super smooth tofu-like egg in a cup?

Click here for the Japanese Chawanmushi recipe

Korean Egg Roll

Pour your eggs and roll over that eggy goodness! Besides some patience and a steady hand, these Korean Egg Rolls Gyeran Mari (계란말이) can be a breakfast option or for packing into the snack box. They’re usually enjoyed with simple vegetables like scallions and carrots, but they’re so versatile, you can jazz it up with cheese, crabstick, seaweed, ham and more!

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Thai Son-in-law Eggs

This egg dish has such a funky name and legend has it that Thai mums made these for their “new sons” as a warning not to mistreat their daughters. Now, folks enjoy this popular Thai street food for its myriad of flavours – tangy, savoury, syrupy, and a little spicy – all rolled into one! Some of the special ingredients that you can find at TADA Fresh Market: Tamarind, Thai fish sauce and whole chilli.

Click here for the Son-in-law Eggs recipe

Sambal Telur (Sambal Egg) Recipe

If hot and spicy is up your alley, it’s time to have your eggs done that way! You might have seen this dish at the Nasi Padang stall and our Muslim friends make this at home along with other popular Hari Raya dishes – it’s a perennial favourite, that’s why! Remember to add red chilli, Halal belachan (shrimp paste) and shallots to the shopping cart when ordering your online grocery.

Click here for the Sambal Telur (Sambal Egg) recipe


Did you try any of these egg recipes? Let us know which is your favourite dish! Meanwhile, be a smarter shopper and take advantage of our online grocery delivery service! Enjoy free delivery in Singapore with a minimum $50 order. Save time and enjoy greater savings at TADA Fresh Market!