Makan Places Near 216 Bedok Wet Market Foodies Need to Try!

Makan Places Near 216 Bedok Wet Market Foodies Need to Try!

Residents living near 216 Bedok Wet Market will tell you that their neighbourhood is all about the food and daily makan decisions to make. Ask anyone about must-eats when one is at Bedok and you will be spoilt for choice with food recommendations from old school Tze Char to hip instagrammable cafes.  

Let’s start with the popular favourites over the years before we let you in on the new kids on the block, shall we?

Must-try Food at Block 216 Bedok North Street 1 Market & Food Centre

Want to satisfy your cravings for piping hot local food that brings you back to yesteryears? Heartland grub here we come! And these hawker stalls are located right next to the Block 216 Bedok wet market! After tucking in, you can swing by this popular market Bedok for its wide variety of fresh food and dried goods! If you prefer not to lug heavy bags, simply order groceries online via TADA Fresh Market. All your fresh meats and vegetables will be picked from these wet market vendors and delivered to you anywhere in Singapore!

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Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodle, #01-64

This is basically the next best to the ever-famous 85 Fengshan Bak Chor Mee, albeit with a shorter queue and waiting time. If you’re a fan of minced meat noodles, slurp up a hot bowl on a cool morning. It’s absolutely shiok!

Chris Kway Chap, #01-80

Love pig’s intestines and all the innards with your kway? Chris Kway Chap’s fans will queue for at least 30 minutes during the peak lunch hour for a satisfying meal. Its sweet and savoury flavours, deliciously braised ingredients and reasonable prices make this a must-eat when at Bedok!

Chai Chee Cai Tou Guo #01-55

We hardly see these carrot cake fingers these days. Enjoy these old school treats that are simple, delicious and finger-licking good, if we may say so! Deep-fried to golden brown perfection, you can order carrot cake sticks, carrot cake pieces and yam cakes too. All great as breakfast with Kopi or a mid-day snack!

You Zha Kueh, #01-43

If you ask for reviews for these You Tiao (Dough Fritters), Ham Jim Peng and Butterfly, you will hear feedback like “crispy”, “not oily”, “generous portion of fillings” and “goes great with kopi!”. We hear some Bedok residents proclaim that these are some of the best You Tiaos in Singapore – you definitely need to try and discover for yourself! Uncle is friendly too, and because of their good food, do expect to queue on weekend mornings.

Bedok foodie tip: Enjoy these freshly made You Tiaos with the kopi from the smiley Aunty next door. Start your day with a shiok breakfast! Also, this You Tiao stall at Bedok operates just twice a week now - on Tuesdays and Fridays only, so get ready to queue to satisfy your cravings!



Rui Xing Coffee Stall, #01-42

Expectedly, we had to add Aunty’s coffee stall here. Aunty is usually the one who takes the orders and handles the cash, while Uncle brews the traditional Kopi, Teh and everything in between. The strong aromatic coffee is what draws returning drinkers – start your day strong! The best pairing: You Tiaos from You Zha Kuah stall just next to it!

Hon Ni Kitchen, #01-07

This unassuming food stall located at the Block 216 Bedok North Food Centre has a queue for 2 reasons: Nasi Lemak at just $2 and a hearty meal that goes great with their homemade sambal chilli sauce. Definitely one of the cheapest lunch options when you are in the neighbourhood!

Ah Fu Prawn Noodle, #01-78

If you take a sip of the flavourful prawn broth, you can totally tell it’s been simmered for hours and it’s worth all the perspiration if you’re tucking in on a sunny day. Queues are expected even in the mornings when folks stream in to order their breakfast. These prawn noodles sell out quite quickly too, so if you’re planning to have it for lunch, visit early!


Cafes in Bedok, near 216 Bedok Wet Market & Food Centre

Once upon a time when cafes just started sprouting in the housing estates, To-gather Café was at Bedok North Street 4, which is in the vicinity of the famous Block 85 Fengshan Bak Chor Mee. That café is no longer operational *aww* but here are new cafes to hop to when you are in Bedok!

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Did you know that they have been serving scopes of homemade ice cream since 2015? Their dine-in menu is made for the sweet tooth – get ready to sink your teeth into their Burnt Cheesecakes, Instagram-worthy desserts like Tarte Au Citron, and even Bubble Tea!

Location: Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416


Percolate Coffee

Looking for specialty coffee in Bedok? Percolate is about 10 minutes away from 216 Bedok Wet Market and is located along the shophouses in the housing estate. Ample HDB parking, cold brew coffee and comfort fusion dishes such as Croissant Sandwiches, Unagi Soba and Duck Breast Congee are waiting!

Location: 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-152, Singapore 460136


Hay Gelato

Just a few doors away from Percolate Coffee is where you’ll enjoy some cold desserts. If you’re game for never-imagined-possible gelato flavours, then you’ll be in for a big surprise at Hay Gelato. Known for their courageous marriage of ingredients, they’ve since captured tastebuds that crave for unexpected surprises. Think: Smoked Hay (yes, grass as animal food), Truffle, Balsamic Strawberry… or maybe something “safer” like Uji Matcha. Are you ready?

Location: 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-148, Singapore 460136


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