Don't Miss this Christmas Feast Grocery Shopping List for Easy Planning!

Don't Miss this Christmas Feast Grocery Shopping List for Easy Planning!

Are you counting down to Christmas? We hope you are all ready for the feasting and quality family time! If not, don’t worry because we’ve got your Christmas feast grocery shopping list covered! From ordering grain-fed or grass-fed beef to roast at home, or getting your baking essentials to make Christmas cookies, save and share this handy list so you breeze through the festivities without a sweat!

By planning ahead and keeping to a grocery shopping list, you can reduce food waste while teaching your kids some life skills and save money too. Let’s get this festive spirit started and enjoy the sugar, spice and everything nice with your loved ones!


Christmas Food Shopping List

Christmas Menu – Main Course

A succulent turkey is often synonymous with Christmas! Try your hands at making a delicious roasted Turkey or Chicken at home along with some homemade classic stuffing – recipe below! Other mains include poultry like roasted chicken or barbecued pork ribs, if that tickles your fancy. For meat lovers, get roasting with succulent slabs of Striploins, Ribeye, Tenderloin and Black Angus Ribeye. A leg of ham is also made to please palates during this merry season.


Side Dishes

Eat your greens and get a leg up on fibre too. Veggies are fab sides to go with their meaty counterparts on the dining table. Raw salads, cooked veggies or perhaps a mix of both with a scoop of fresh fruits or some savoury cheeses too.


Christmas Desserts

Round up your scrumptious feasting with some sweet treats! These popular Christmas desserts are sure to please your guests. What will you be cooking up for the festivities?

  •       Christmas cookies – Planning to make your own cookies or have a bake-out with the kids? Don’t forget to order flour, butter, sugar and eggs and wait for your grocery delivery at home.
  •       Christmas pound cake
  •       Christmas pudding
  •       Dates
  •       Nuts
  •       Log cakes
  •       Mince pie
  •       Pavlova
  •       Shortbread
  •       Panettone
  •       Fresh fruits platter for sharing

Christmas Drinks

It’s wine o’clock! Pick up some perfect pairings for your Christmas feast shopping and enjoy the bubbly good time. For kids, underaged teens, and those who prefer to skip alcohol, prepare some non-alcoholic drinks like hot chocolate and freshly squeezed juices – just order fresh fruits online and make your own juices and mocktails at home.

  •       Mulled wine
  •       Red wine
  •       Champagne
  •       Hot chocolate
  •       Cranberry juice
  •       Fresh juices: wait for your fruits and vegetables delivery and make these healthy juices at home. Try out these detox juice recipes too!
  •       Coffee[IA3] 
  •       Tea: This ChaTraMue Brand Thai Tea Mix is popular and well-loved!
  •       Soft drinks


Here’s a quick and easy stuffing recipe to try!

Wondering how to make stuffing for your turkey or chicken? Classic recipes include carbs so you can start with making bread cubes first. Some families like including eggs in their turkey stuffing as a binder and for extra richness!

  1.       Melt butter along with diced onions, carrots and celery and cook till tender.
  2.       Place bread cubes in a separate bowl. Add the above veggie mix, parsley and fresh herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme into the same bowl.
  3.       Pour chicken broth (and beaten eggs, optional) over cubes till they are moist and gently toss to mix. Add a dash of black pepper and salt for taste.
  4.       Place mixture in a serving dish, dot the top with butter and cover the dish with foil.
  5.     Bake for 35 minutes, uncover, and bake an additional 10 minutes, or until the top is golden brown.

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